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We are proud to welcome Dr. Sforzini to our community. Currently, Dr. Sforzini or better known as Dr. Mike to his patients, has 30 years of experience hailing from his hometown in Alabama. One of the many advantages of being a patient to a new doctor in this community is that most physicians in The Villages are overbooked and leave you waiting a significant amount of time in the waiting room to only get a couple of minutes with someone who is often times not even your doctor but a nurse practitioner. Our providers work within the fields of Diabetic Care, Endocrinology, and Internal Medicine at two locations in Lady Lake, FL and Wildwood, FL, and we additionally serve the surrounding areas of The Villages and Adamsville.

If you are brand new to the community and looking for a new physician or you just would like to try something new, look no better place than TriCounty Health.


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